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Have you been charged with a MISDEMEANOR OR SERIOUS FELONY? If so, call us today to discuss how we may prevent such charges from ruining your permanent record. There is no fee for the legal consultation, and your privacy is assured.

Attorney Stephen M. Ball has 30 years of experience in the state and federal criminal courts with a proven track record of winning trials and obtaining favorable plea agreements. Put his experience to work for you!

When criminal charges arise, jail time may be only one potential outcome to consider since almost all employers now routinely and easily check criminal records. But here’s the good news—whether striking a deal or going to trial is your best legal option, Attorney Stephen Ball will defend your case vigorously with experience gained in the course of thousands of clients and hundreds of trials. Our firm will fight tirelessly to have you acquitted.
If a trial is not the best strategy for you, we can often structure an agreement with the State of the Court can enter a judgement wherein your charge is ultimately dismissed. Afterward, whether your charge is dismissed, or you are found not guilty, we can petition the Court to permanently erase the fact that you were charged. Yes, a “clean record” may still be within reach.
Don’t underestimate both immediate and long-term consequences of a criminal conviction or assume that nothing can be done to avoid them. This can lead to major regrets. Whether you made a mistake or have been falsely accused, we are here to do everything possible to protect your rights, your reputation, and your future.
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